Personal Training & Nutrition Coach in Christchurch

Tom Warne is a personal trainer, based in Christchurch at Snap Fitness, who provides training and nutrition advice and programs to help assist in reaching your goals in fitness, whether you want to build muscle, burn fat or tone up.

Personal Training Sessions

Tom begins your personal training program with an initial consultation to understand your goals, reasoning and current lifestyle.

During the initial consultation, you'll be walked through a range of equipment, available at Snap Fitness, to find out the current weight level you are capable of. The weight is based off your "RPE" (Rate of Perceived Exertion).

After your consultation, Tom will provide you with recommended nutrition advice, with macros, along with a personalised program to train from.

During the consultation, you will discuss how many times you intend on training per week, which will be accounted for in your program.

Prices & Structure
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Tom Warne

What services can Tom offer?

Tom is a personal trainer at Snap Fitness in Christchurch, where he provides nutrition advice, runs class sessions and individual personal training sessions.

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Testimonials from clients

"Tom is friendly and motivating, always pushing to make the most out of all my training sessions. Couldn't recommend Tom highly enough!"

"When I walked into the gym 10 weeks ago, I was so scared. I thought everyone would judge me because I didn't know how to use the machines, and I was even more scared to go into the weight room. Then I was introduced Tom, with his knowledge about nutrition and fitness, and I felt like I could do this. Ten weeks in, I feel confident on my own and I know I can push myself and there is never a day I don't want to go to the gym. I couldn't have done this without Tom pushing me and he's always there with a smile and is always at the end of the phone if I need him. I'm looking forward to continuing on my journey and would recommend Tom to anyone, he's the best!"

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Resources to improve training

Everyone has specific techniques and methodology to get them through a successful training session. Here's a collection of equipment, techniques and brands Tom uses!

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Read Tom's blog

Tom posts articles about tips for training, nutrition and other topics relating to fitness and progression.

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Based at Snap Fitness in Christchurch

Tom is based and is a personal trainer at Snap Fitness in Christchurch. Snap Fitness provides everything you could want in a gym - such as weights, cardio equipment, 24 hour access, group classes (some led by Tom!) and more (private showers and a FitnessOnDemand™ room)

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